The Premiere Digital Marketplace for Authentic Black & African Art & Culture.

Nandi is a product of African Digital Art, Africa's largest creator community. We're building the foremost cultural marketplace for digital goods, which include collectibles, physical art certifications, gaming items & digital fine art, and other items backed by the carbon negative Celo blockchain.

The Future of Black Digital Art & Culture

Creators directly connect with their fans for primary and secondary sales for royalties

Pioneering a New Creative Economy

Seamless on-chain & fiat transactions creating tamper proof ownership records

Community As-A Service

Nandi is built by and for the Black creator community embedding support into every drop

Built for the Culture, By the Culture, Minted For the World

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Phase 0
Mar 2009

African Digital Art founded in Kenya

Phase 1
Oct 2021

Nandi market formally established

Phase 2
Nov 2021

$250K Angel/Pre-Seed Round

Phase 3
Dec 2021

ADA NFT Gallery @ NXT.ART Pavilion Announced

Phase 4
Jan 2022

Nandi Community Pre-Launch Activities Begin Private token rounds open

Phase 5
Feb 2022

Community Treasure Hunt ADA Gallery Beta Drops

Phase 6
Mar 2022

Brand Dashboard Testing

Phase 7
Apr 2022

Nandi Cowry NFT launches

Phase 8
May 2022

Brand & Creator Dashboard Beta launch Public token sale

Phase 9
Jun 2022

Community Voting Design Competitions Merchandising Partnership

Phase 10
Sep 2022

Nandi Protocol Developer Testing

Phase 11
Dec 2022

Metaverse Partnerships Announced


We take pride in being the largest NFT marketplace in Africa, which is why we are excited to present our leading team members.

Chinedu Enekwe


JG Ayodele


Das Mavulga

UI/UX Designer

Islindy Merius

Business Strategy & Ops Intern

Frisco D’anconia

Storyteller (NFT, Crypto & Instructional)

Biola Alabi

Film & Media Advisor

MI Abaga

Music Advisor

Chika Nwobi

Tech Advisor